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Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club

Pony Club (USPC, www.ponyclub.org) is a National organization whose mission is  "to provide a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, and the care of horses and ponies, thereby developing responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence.”

“Members of USPC have joined an organization dedicated to producing well-rounded horsemen and women and one that has produced many of the past and current Olympic and International riders.

USPC is unique because its educational programs place equal emphasis on the teaching of riding skills, horse-care fundamentals, and team participation with sportsmanship. From the moment youth join USPC until they graduate, they are part of a broad network of activities and educational programs that promote the health and safety of both horse and rider. USPC is dedicated to developing knowledgeable, competent, responsible, and caring horsemen." http://www.ponyclub.org/?page=PCProgram.

About the Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club

The Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club (SYVPC) is in central California and meets at Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez.  Our Pony Club was founded in 1976. Our club focuses on dressage, cross country jumping and stadium jumping.

Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club

The Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club holds our meetings at Shepherd Ranch, an eventing facility that holds two USEA recognized Horse Trial Events each year.  Because of our relationship with Shepherd Ranch, we are one of the few Pony Clubs in the United States that accepts donated horses which are available for lease by members who are unable to own a horse or pony. Members are required to either own or lease a horse, because Pony Club is based on caring for your own individual horse or pony in addition to riding lessons. 

Members (Ages 6-24 yrs) meet twice a month, year round for group lessons and horse management.

Our program stresses individual effort and self-sufficiency, as well as encouraging teamwork among the members. We teach each member the skills to take complete responsibility for their horse's health, training, and care. Riders are rated, based on their level of riding abilities and knowledge.

We strive to bring this education to all members at the most reasonable costs possible, and engage all our members in fund raising tasks to support the horses, as well as the facilities to house and train them. Funds are raised through annual dues, an annual Horse Show, Jump Sponsorship, Sale of Horses, Advertising, and two 3-Day Events held at Shepherd Ranch, as well as private donations. All members and their parents are required to contribute volunteer hours.  The success of the club is due to the tremendous volunteer effort required from members and their families to run the organization.

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